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October 21

The story of Georgia is always changing.

Georgia, by Elmer D. Williams


Dear Dixie,

Two less and I’m a mess.  This time it’s Felix.  And this time, unlike Ramona, you could see it coming.  Felix hasn’t been in class for over a week and Lurlene’s been hinting that he might not come back.  Was on the phone with his mother the other day, she said.  He won’t get out of bed.  He’s overwhelmed with anxiety.  It’s not good, the poor guy.  I’ll let everybody know. 

Anyhow.  What are you gonna do.

Felix would be in here right now, in The Cozy Room of Learning, taking the chapter eight quiz.  He made a 97 on the chapter seven quiz … the best score of all my students.  An examination of the life of the colonial people of Georgia.  Of sixty-one questions he goofed only two.  Felix said true to the question about Savannah’s first settlers being debtors and social misfits.  Not true … then … maybe now but I’m not one to speculate.  A few years ago I remember going to a party at the real fancy Oglethorpe Club in Savannah, but that’s definitely for another diary …

And then Felix fell for one of my trick false-true questions.  It was a Spanish force and not a Portuguese force who got the check in the L column after fighting colonial troops at Bloody Marsh on St. Simons Island.  That question was late in the quiz.  Maybe Felix was getting tired.

I went and told Lurlene his quiz is sitting on my desk in the front of the classroom.

Lurlene said she’d mail it to him if I wanted.

I said I’ll hang on to it for when he comes back.  Maybe.  One day.  With Ramona?

Lurlene gave me a kind look.  She understands.  She used to be a teacher. 



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