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October 2

Oglethorpe pitched a tent for himself under four pine trees, and lived in it for nearly a year.

First Lessons in Georgia History, 1913


Dear Dixie,

Call me cruel.  Call me old school.  But here it is the 36th day of school and I’ve finally gotten around to showing a dang movie. 

You can imagine how they hooted and hollered when they walked into The Cozy Room of Learning and saw a big TV on top of the beat-up red metal cart I borrowed from Old Burrell since he shows a movie about every day. 

When they came in the TV was already turned on and the screen is that bright blue and on top of the TV is the box for the video I propped up there and on the front of a box is a picture of an etching of a serious dude in a white wig and above that it says “The Founding of Georgia.  35.5 minutes.”  I believe the dude with the wig is James Oglethorpe.  I still can’t fathom why they wanted to look like female impersonators back then, but looking back on our ancestors and making fun of them is real easy.  I don’t make fun of our ancestors in front of the kids, though.  They do that on their own just fine.

Anyhow, they hooted and hollered until I told them that on the chapter 7 quiz this week there’ll be questions about the movie … about ten or fifteen of them.


Dang right.  So pay close attention … and enjoy!  Take notes if you like.  I pressed the start button.

Here are five revelations learned after only five minutes into the movie about showing the first movie of the school year in Georgia history class:

  • During the showing of a movie, never, ever blurt out that that part’s important to remember.  They don’t like it when you do that
  • During a showing of a movie, never, ever, ask them if they understand that last part
  • During the showing of a movie, never, ever ask them if they remember when we talked about that exact same stuff a few days ago
  • They like the lights turned off and the window blinds closed
  • After the movie, if you ask them questions about the movie and most of them don’t have a clue what you’re talking about and you offer to show the movie to them again they don’t want to see the movie again

So … revelations.  One of my little historians said Savannah’s a real nice place now.  Forrest Gump lives there.



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