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May 11

Casual observers saw the flag controversy pitting the “fergit” crowd against the “fergit, hell” crowd.

—Georgia Odyssey, by James C. Cobb


Dear Dixie,

They have said to me that they’ll never look at a flag the same way again.  They have said to me that now they’ll pay more attention to what a flag might communicate, represent, and symbolize.

I’m tearing up.  I really am.

They have also said to me that since they have a better feel for what a well-designed flag looks like then they’ll speak up and tell anybody who’ll listen when they see any flag anywhere and at any time about the elements of the flag that could be changed and made more balanced and logical and communicative.

It’s what vexillologists do.

Flags are eagerly presented from the front of the room.  Snap says the red on his flag represents him getting better at baseball because he’s been trying hard.  The picture of him used as a charge in the canton is of him in the dugout during a baseball game. 

Montene says the crucifix represents her love of Jesus. 

Milo says the picture of the nose on his flag represents his concern for his sister who wants to get a nose job.  Milo says the meaning of a hammer about to smash his alarm clock glaring the hideous time of 6:30 should be pretty obvious. 

Hap’s flag represents a place he’d like to live in and rule called Haptopia. 

Beauregard didn’t have a name for a new world represented by his funky flag, but Beauregard says it would be more of a kingdom and he’d be the ruler of the kingdom. 

Albert had a near perfect flag.  Elegant and simple, the way professional vexillologists like a flag.  Albert had drawn a heart and inside the heart symbol it said Brandi + Albert.  As simple as that. 

We asked Albert if he loved Brandi, who goes to another school. 

He said he did. 

I asked Albert if Brandi loved him back. 

Albert said he was pretty sure she did.

I asked Albert if wanted to keep his flag. 

Albert said yes and he wasn’t embarrassed one bit as he carried it back to his desk.

Click’s bi-color flag was elegant and simple, too.  Click didn’t have to, but he wrote his explanation out so when he presented his flag to us he would remember all the details and get them right.  I’d say he did present it right, on deeper levels of vexillology than he might possibly realize.  In Click’s words …

My flag of choice for this assignment is a two banded horizontal bi-color design.  The ratio of my flag is roughly 1:2 because my flag is of a rectangular shape.  On my flag I have the colors yellow and green and together they represent my active lifestyle.  Green represents my love of the outdoors along with my lifetime wilderness experience and practice of survival skills.  The main purpose that my flag serves is that the flag I have come up with represents the things in my life that I enjoy being a part of and experiencing for a lifetime to come.  The way I decided my flag to be positioned is yellow for the top color because that is the part of me that I think means the most, and on the bottom I have green for my secondary love for adventure.  Yellow symbolizes my friendly, peaceful approach to people and who I respect and care for. 

Click, outstanding job, you vexillologist human being 14 year old whacky kid who I have always liked a lot.  I’ll offer to you what I think might be the greatest sign of respect and appreciation for a flag and what it represents, communicates, and symbolizes … your flag, Click … and that’s saluting it.  I salute your flag and I salute you and Albert, too, my real good vexillologists.



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